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Town, who played junior varsity football at West Hills Chaminade, passed for 340 yards in a 40 35 win over Corona Centennial. Fieber, a backup at Orange Lutheran last season, passed for 280 yards in a 35 21 win over San Marcos Mission Hills. Harris, a starter as a sophomore at Animo South, has seven TD passes in two games..

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Fake Hermes Bags The Interlake Saints girls track team compiled 91.5 points, earning third place at the KingCo 3A girls track meet at Skyline High School in Sammamish. The Saints boys team nabbed fourth place with 87 team points. In girls action, Interlake junior Ellie Erikson cruised to a first place finish in the 800 meter dash fancyofferhandbag.com, clocking a time of 2:15.65. Fake Hermes Bags

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Replica Hermes Bath pensioner wants to thank strangers who helped his 85 year old wife after fallThe couple were on their way to do a weekly shop at Morrisons when the incident happened17:07, 26 APR 2017Three good Samaritans came to the rescue of Mr and Mrs Wilczek (Photo: Kev Fern) A Bath pensioner said he was overwhelmed by the kindness of three good Samaritans who came to the aid of his 85 year old wife after she fell and fractured her wrist.Zygfryd Wilczek, better known as Fred Replica Hermes, was walking along London Road with his wife Evelyn to do their weekly shop at Morrisons when she stumbled and suffered a nasty fall.The 91 year old tried to pick Mrs Wilczek up Replica Hermes Birkin, but as he struggled to lift her he was assisted by two young men, who rushed to help the couple after passing them on motorcycles.A third stranger then parked up and offered to drive the couple back to their home just off St Saviours Road Replica Hermes Handbags, where Mr Wilczek called for a taxi to take them to the Royal United Hospital.Patient revived after suffering cardiac arrest at University of Bath student accommodation block”I was surprised because there is often a perception that young people don’t care anymore, so it was a great pleasure when the first motorcyclist came to help an old man struggling,” Mr Wilczek said.(Photo: Kev Fern)”He must have been passing when my wife fell and because of my age I was having a hard time picking her up by myself as I’m not that strong.”He suggested that he would use his mobile to get us a taxi and then a second young man in motorcycle attire arrived and offered his assistance too.”A woman in her 30s also turned up in a 4×4 and she kindly brought us back home. In the shock and confusion, I forgot to ask her name but I did thank her and the two men for helping us.”What The Grapes in Bath looks like now will make you sadOnce they arrived home, Mr Wilczek called his local GP and was advised to take his wife to the A department at the RUH in Bath.The couple took a taxi to the hospital where it was established that Mrs Wilczek had fractured her left wrist Hermes Replica Birkin, which was then placed in a plaster cast.”I didn’t know how serious it was at first,” said Mr Wilczek. “I phoned our local surgery and they said to take her to the RUH in case it was a fracture.”The nurses were extremely helpful and treated my wife speedily, efficiently and with exceptional charm and after her arm was placed in plaster cast we were sent home.”We had another appointment the next day for a proper check up and the full treatment as they were busy when we first went in.”They had to reposition the bone and put a fresh plaster on it and now we have to wait for the bone to knit, but my wife’s hand is almost black so it was a quite nasty injury.”With his wife now resting at home, Mr Wilczek is keen to track down the three people who came to their aid to say a proper thank you in person for helping them Replica Hermes.

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