In  2018  In  Ballarat  Victoria,  I  will  be  commencing  small  woodworking  classes  in  sizes  up  to  a  maximum  of    six  people,  and  also  one  on  one  private  tuition.



Small  group  classes will  focus  on  two  individual  projects –


1- Hall  Table. This  class  covers  all  facets  of  machine  and  tool  setup,  machine  usage,  safety,  basic  design  principals  and  the  practical  details  of  construction  and  quality  finishing  practices,  either  hand  rubbed  oil  or  spray  lacquer  finishing.

Each  student  takes  home  a  high  quality  piece,  designed  and constructed  to  professional  standards  using basic tools  and  machines  available  to most  home  based  woodworkers.

2- Chair  making. This  class  focuses  on  jig  based  chair  design  and  the  practical  details  of  construction.  Each student  takes  home  an  ergonomically  designed  contemporary  chair  ready  to  be   upholstered (or  timber  seat  included  if  wanted)


One  on  one  tuition

Includes  either  of  the  above  projects,  or  an  individual  project  of  your  choice.

This  type  of  tuition  has  provided  very  popular  in  the  past  as  it’s  the  perfect  springboard  for  your  special  project,   it  will  get  you  started  on  your  design,  timber,  joint  selection  and  construction  methods.

You  choose  to  take  it  home  at  any  time  for completion,  and  I  will  always  be  available  either  in  person,  or on-line  or  by  phone  (at no cost)  for  extra  advice.




Below  are some photos of work from my previous students – Enjoy.



This is Carls awesome Hall Table.

Chris came back twice. Once for this unique Hall table and then to make the chair.

This is Kelvin’s. I love the curly insert in the top.

Kelvin also couldnt help himself and came back to do the Chair course.

Brads cool She Oak and Jarrah chair.

This Hall table I made as a sample guide for the students,  it has  17 different species from Australia and overseas. The are –

Makassar Ebony (breadboard ends).

American spalted beech (top)

Jarrah, Red gum, Blackwood and QLD Beech (legs)

Black bean, African walnut, African rosewood, Burmese Rosewood (rails)

Silky oak, Amoora (bottom rails)

African quilted Cherry (bottom shelf)

Eastern Mahogany (table buttons)

I dont like waste, so i get the students to laminate their off-cuts for panels, or in this case, the drawer base. Its comprised of – African Rosewood, Peruvian walnut, Celery top pine, Blackheart Sassafras, Ebony and Jarrah.

Here is Stu from Stusshed.com.au preparing a solid curly insert for his Hall Table top

And his little Jarrah tip toes for his legs

Some random workshop photos of the students at play

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